"Wisdom is knowing the right path to take....Integrity is taking it...."

About Susan

Susan Bradford is a Washington, DC-based author.

Susan holds a BA in English from UC Irvine where founded Irvine's Women's Crew, as President and was an Honors Humanities student. She also served as Editor of Gandalff's Gazette and editor of the New University while also interning at CBS-TV News in Los Angeles.  With her bachelor's degree in hand, she wrote news scripts for KNX (CBS) news in Los Angeles and provided video and research support for the PBS Red Car Film Project. She then embarked on an MA in International Relations at the University of Essex where she founded and edited the European Review, which became the departmental publication of the University's Centre for European Studies. At Essex, student served as Liaison Officer of the campus European Society, Senior Research Fellow of the Atlantic Council of the UK, and Essex representative of the NATO Universities Advisory Committee. After graduation, she served as speech writer for UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Michael Howard while she awaited her work permit, which, alas, was lost in the bureaucratic ether. 

She then returned to the United States, hustling at Fox News Channel as freelance producer at the Assignments Desk in Washington, DC before joining the Voice of America as Assignments Editor. At the height of the North Korean conflict, Susan wrote speeches for Korean Ambassador Sung Chul Yang at the Korean Embassy.

She has been writing ever since.

Susan has written and ghost written many books and articles. Her articles have been published in the UN Vision, Washington Times, European Review,  and elsewhere...and by the Capital Research Center's Organizational Trends....

Books Available


The Full Court Press

The United Church of Heist

The Tribes that Rockefeller Built

Emily Cavendish

Emily Cavendish and the Jade Stone

Emily Cavendish and the Dream Catcher

Emily Cavendish and the Anointed Queen



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