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A spirited and enlightened electorate is key to holding the powerful in check.

The inside story behind the Abramoff and Enron scandals, the federal prosecutions, andthe political rivalries that created them.

(Price: $29.99)

The strategies the Bush Administration employed to market the War on Iraq to the American people as told by neoconservatives, DC's press corps, and top government public relations executives.

(Foreword by Senior CBS Foreign Correspondent Tom Fenton)

(Price: $12.99)

How community organizers have taken over the United Church of Christ to lobby the federal government and mobilize activists on behalf of special interests.

(Price: $19.99)

A glimpse inside the powerful political and financial networks coursing through the nation's federally recognized Indian tribes.

(Price: $19.99)

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Emily Cavendish has just entered the prestigious Hamilton Prep where social and academic success is detmined by status and influence among the school's reigning secret society. During her first year at Hamilton, Emily stumbles upon a secret program in which Chinese exchange students are stealing patents to develop electronics destined for Indian tribes.

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Emily returns from her internship in New York City with a renewed passion for challenging human rights abuses on Indian reservations when she stumbles upon the school's collaboration with ElectroVide to patent a jade stone to be used in the elite's quest for immorality.

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Emily travels to St. Barts while her friends are pursing lucrative government contracting opportunities with the Indian tribes.  A dream catcher enables her to travel through the devilish nightmares of the elite.

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Emily's efforts to thwart the nefarious plans underway may cost her a seat at Yale. With prosecutors hot on the trail of the culprits, Emily enlists the help of whiz kid exchange student to stymie the nefarious plans of the secret society.

(Available on Amazon for $19.99)

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